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Education and Training

Education and Training

Social Survey Division (SSD) of the Office for National Statistics carries out a number of surveys, which provide information on education and training. Questions on education are also included in many surveys covering other topics. Some of the surveys which are currently underway or have recently been completed that focus particularly on education and training are:

  • European Adult Literacy Review Survey
  • Survey of Student Achievement

Information on other surveys carried out by SSD, which collect some information on education along with other topics, e.g. the General Household Survey, can be found in the Compendia and Reference theme. Surveys that relate primarily to other themes may also be useful, e.g. the Labour Force Survey, in the labour market theme also collects information on education and job-related training. Details of a whole range of surveys carried out for government departments in the past can also be found under Sources in Statbase ® .

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