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This area of the website makes available a range of supplier interaction documentation. The following documentation is approved for full use:

The following documentation is a draft version for feedback only:


The formal baselines are listed below:

The historical baseline ZIP file (ZIP, 26.9MB) contains an extract of the external FileCM instance previously made available to suppliers. The ZIP excludes the Message Implementation Manual due to its size. Please note that NHS CFH is currently updating the baseline. Once finalised, it will be posted on this site.


Suppliers will be measured against these interaction requirements through the design assurance process. For local service providers and national service providers this forms part of their standard processes. For other suppliers, this is part of the common assurance process (CAP). 

New suppliers must seek nomination before they start to develop systems to connect to the Spine.

Further information

This area may be expanded in the future to include the entire supplier interaction documentation set. If you wish to provide feedback, please email