Should small providers be exempt from licensing?

As part of the consultation on licensing, we want to understand in more detail the impact of our proposals on small providers. We have now extended the deadline for responses to 30 October.

We are proposing exempting small providers from the need to have a licence from Monitor and your information will help us understand how this would work in practice. We would like to hear from as many providers as possible, whatever the size of the organisation.

If you are an NHS service provider, you can help us by completing one of three short questionnaires.

Each questionnaire should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Each asks providers:

  • what type of services they provide
  • how many staff they employ
  • what annual turnover they get from providing NHS services.

The questionnaires are anonymous and will not be published individually.

Which questionnaire should I complete?

Please complete one questionnaire for your organisation, depending on which services you provide:

  • Questionnaire A: out-of-hours providers of GP services
  • Questionnaire B: independent and voluntary sector ambulance providers
  • Questionnaire C: independent and voluntary sector providers, other than providers of ambulance services; providers of social care who also provide NHS services; GPs and dentists providing services other than primary (general medical) services.

Please send your response by 30 October.

Not sure which questionnaire to fill in? Any other questions? Email

Find out more about the consultation on licensing.

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