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Spine compliance

Systems that connect to the Spine (e.g to the Personal Demographics Service or Summary Care Record), or through the Spine to other services such as Choose and Book, are generally referred to as being 'Spine compliant'.

Existing service providers (ESPs) are nominated for inclusion in the Spine compliance programme by sponsoring NHS organisations (e.g trusts, primary care trusts or the Department of Health).

Nominations can be made via

NHS Connecting for Health agrees to work with ESPs and their nominating users on a case-by-case basis.

Common Assurance Process

ESPs can only be confirmed as spine compliant by NHS CFH following the completion of formal assurance activities ('the Common Assurance Process').

However, the technical specifications to allow ESPs and their sponsors to fully evaluate their case for spine compliance - and the scope of works involved - are made available to ESPs and their sponsors by request.

Requests should be made to