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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions about HealthSpace please contact the HealthSpace Helpdesk: complete the feedback form | Tel. 08453 665 665.

Basic Account

1. I have heard HealthSpace is closing. Where can I get further information?

Please visit our information on the closure of HealthSpace.

2. What services does a HealthSpace 'Basic Account' provide?

HealthSpace is a secure place on the internet where you can store your personal health information. A 'Basic Account' enables you to record information relating to your health such as your height, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.

HealthSpace also has a calendar and address book facility where you can monitor appointments and events and search for and save contact details of NHS organisations in England.

3. Can I change my GP through HealthSpace?

No. To change your GP, you need to approach the GP practice you want to move to and ask them if they have space on their practice list for you. They will tell you how to register. You can find a list of GP practices in your area on the GP section of the NHS Choices website.

4. What do I do if I have forgotten my HealthSpace account name, or password or both?

On the homepage you can select the Forgotten Details sections and follow the instructions to retrieve your password.

If you have entered your username or password incorrectly three times, as a security measure HealthSpace will lock you out of your account for two hours. If you have received your password you will still need to wait two hours for your account to unlock.

5. What should I do if I have a technical problem with the HealthSpace account?

Technical problems should be reported to the HealthSpace helpdesk using the online feedback form or by calling 0845 3 665 665 (Mon to fri 9am to 5pm, Closed Bank holidays. Calls will cost up to 4p per minute from BT landlines, calls from other providers may vary).

6. How do I close my HealthSpace account?

If you want to close your account you should log on to HealthSpace, select 'Manage account' under the 'Personal details' menu item and then follow the instructions.

7. How do I access Choose and Book using HealthSpace?

HealthSpace and Choose and Book are two separate systems with different purposes: HealthSpace is a secure online personal health organiser, Choose and Book is for making hospital appointments.

You can access Choose and Book from the HealthSpace website. The link to Choose and Book can be found on the HealthSpace home page.

You do not need to register or log in to a HealthSpace account to be able to use Choose and Book. You will need your Booking Reference Number, Password and Year of birth to log in to Choose and Book.

8. How do I give Choose and Book feedback?

As Choose and Book is a separate system from HealthSpace, any queries or feedback regarding Choose and Book should be made via the Choose and Book website.

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Advanced Account

9. How secure is a HealthSpace Advanced Account?

HealthSpace uses the strongest national and international security measures available for handling your information. This is why you need to register for access. The measures in place ensure that your information is stored safely and stays private.

For further information on security and confidentiality visit: where you can download "The Care Record Guarantee for NHS Care Records in England"

10. Is there any charge for using a HealthSpace Advanced Account?

No. HealthSpace is a free secure online system for anyone aged 16 and over, who lives in England and is registered with a GP practice.

11. Can I view my Advanced Account and all the features that it offers me from abroad using HealthSpace?

Yes, if you have registered for a HealthSpace Advanced Account you should be able to view everything from any computer connected to the internet.

12. How do I change my address on my Summary Care Record?

You should inform your GP practice who will correct your address details. The corrected details will then appear in your HealthSpace account shortly afterwards.

13. What do I do if I spot an error when viewing my Summary Care Record?

If you spot an error or inaccurate information when viewing your Summary Care Record refer to the instructions within the 'Clinical Summaries' box located to the right of your care record.

14. What do I do if I have lost my secure log-in card?

If you have lost your secure log-in card it may be possible to send you a copy of your card. Please contact the HealthSpace Helpdesk by calling 0845 3 665 665 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm, Closed Bank holidays). Calls will cost up to 4p per minute from BT landlines, calls from other providers may vary) to see if this is possible or complete the feedback form.

If you have already checked with the HealthSpace Helpdesk and they cannot provide you with a copy, your card must be cancelled before you can be issued with a new one.

You will still be able to use your HealthSpace account but for security reasons you will be unable to use some of the features of your Advanced Account, such as viewing your Summary Care Record.

There is no charge for a new secure log-in card. To receive a new card you must reapply for an Advanced Account online and then visit your local HealthSpace Registration Office to prove your identity.

Further help

If the Frequently Asked Questions above have not answered your query please refer to the HealthSpace website FAQs or contact the HealthSpace Helpdesk on 08453 665 665 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm, Closed Bank holidays. Calls will cost up to 4p per minute from BT landlines, calls from other providers may vary) or complete the feedback form.


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