Health and social care professionals want to provide the best care to their patients but up until now many have found it difficult to determine the quality of information when searching online. NHS organisations will be able to download the NHS Evidence search bar to sit on their intranet or website, giving staff quick and direct access to the wealth of information available. By introducing staff to NHS Evidence, organisations can help staff to search best practice information with confidence and contribute to a truly evidence-based and quality driven NHS.

Downloading the tool will take just a few minutes and is free. You'll need to create a My Evidence account or sign in to download the tool. To create a My Evidence account or sign in to My Evidence, click on either of the links Sign in or My Evidence at the top of the NHS Evidence web site. You can sign in using this page or you can create a new account by clicking the link Create account. For help on how to sign up to My Evidence and to login visit the My Evidence help page.

If you are using Sharepoint and experience any display issues on installing the NHS Evidence search bar, please note this may be due to the version of Sharepoint you are using. Some versions of Sharepoint do not have doctype declarations set as default and will need to be added if not already present in your local version.

NHS Evidence search panel

NHS Evidence Search Panel

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  • Search NHS Evidence from your website or intranet
  • It's free and can be available in minutes
  • Help your users get reliable quality evidence with ease
  • Add NHS Evidence Search Panel to your home page today
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