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Tuesday, 20 Dec 2011

Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP)

Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP)

Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP)

The Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP)

The GEP assists entrepreneurs and early stage technology companies from all over the world to globalise their businesses from a UK hub, introducing these start-ups to key networks.

Since its inception in 2004 the Global Entrepreneur Programme has landed nearly 150 projects. Impressively the last three years has seen the bulk of delivery with 120 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects landing since 2008/2009 which demonstrates the successful development of the GEP business model.

The GEP has also helped to raise over $200m in funding for our client companies.

The GEP Team consists of a network of internationally successful entrepreneurs (known as “Dealmakers”), who offer their insight, trusted networks and experience to help our client companies accelerate into global markets from a UK headquarters.

Although active globally, the GEP has dealmakers in the UK, North America, India, Israel, Europe and Australia, sourcing and filtering exceptional deal flow from all types of technology sectors. The GEP maintains a borderless perspective in the way it works with its clients, connecting them to key networks in the UK and internationally.

The strategic advice provided to our clients seeks to de-risk potential investments for the investment community, all of which has helped GEP pioneer global entrepreneurship and highlight significant growth opportunities in the world’s entrepreneurial ecosystems. By focusing on strategic advice and providing business and financial contacts, the Dealmakers add value to the GEP client companies.

A key to the success of any business is the strength of its management team and as part of our work; we have also facilitated the introduction of over 50 highly skilled individuals who have gone on to take up board or advisory roles with our client businesses.