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Love Where You Live

Girl in hat loves where she lives

What is Love Where You Live?
Love Where You Live is a new campaign with the aim of inspiring everyone to think about their communities and take action to reduce litter in the locations where they live, the places they visit and the spaces that they use. It’s about everyone taking responsibility – individuals, local authorities, government and multi-national companies to change the way people think and act about littering. We all love something about where we live and this campaign is about everyone working together to make change happen. No-one is excluded as we can all do something, whoever we are, to make where we live a better place. For more information visit the Love Where You Live website.

Why are we doing this?
Love Where You Live has been developed in response to a need to have a single unified anti-littering approach and is designed to bring a sense of pride to communities and inspire individuals to come together to transform and maintain their local areas.

People tell us that the issue of litter is very important to them.

We also know that local authorities spend approximately £858 million cleaning our streets and that private companies also spend a similar amount.

We want to help by asking everyone to take responsibility for their own communities and their own litter.

To get involved or find out more about the campaign visit the Love Where You Live website  

What are the aims of the campaign?
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