Codes of practice

Codes of practice

Infrastructure Code of Practice

To ensure new and smaller players in the UKCS can develop and bring onstream discoveries that require third-party infrastructure, the industry developed a Code of Practice for third party access to infrastructure – known as the ICoP. Adopted in 2004, the ICoP outlines the best practices and expected behaviours of those who conduct negotiations for access to infrastructure.


Commercial code of practice

During 2002, as part of its work to help secure the long-term future of the UK Continental Shelf, the Progressing Partnership Working Group (PPWG) – set up by PILOT with government and industry representation – produced a voluntary commercial code of practice (CCoP) for negotiations such as asset transfers, etc. The purpose of the code was to help establish an agreed framework that would minimise resources spent on such negotiations and promote positive commercial behaviour. Ninety-two per cent of licensees subsequently signed up.

In the past few years there has been a renewed effort by government and industry to ensure industry is using and adhering to the code:

  • Licensees have been asked to re-commit to the code.
  • Companies are asked to nominate a CCoP 'champion'.
  • Networking/awareness events take place in London and Aberdeen.
  • A small government/industry workgroup has been formed to look at ways to improve awareness of the code.

The networking events for CCoP champions are normally held twice yearly in London and Aberdeen, to reflect on annual survey results and discuss other topical issues.

CCoP documents


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