Publication of relinquishment/surrender reports

Publication of relinquishment/surrender reports

Through PILOT, the Government and oil and gas industry have been discussing ways to increase exploration activity. They decided potential future licensees could benefit from the dissemination of geotechnical understanding on acreage that has been worked and relinquished. PILOT decided the best way to achieve this would be through publication of relinquishment reports, which are prepared by relinquishing licensees and submitted to DECC.

Relinquishment reports have been required on all licences since the 21st Round, as part of the licence issue covering letter. Promote licensees are required to provide a report at the two-year break point if the licence is not continuing. However the initiative to publish the reports, which was supported by Oil & Gas UK and OGIA, now also require reports where a whole licence or non-contiguous blocks in multi-block licences (of any vintage) are relinquished.

Subject to third-party data confidentiality checks, which are a responsibility of the operator producing the report, relinquishment reports will be published either on receipt by DECC or after the next licence round if extended confidentiality is formally requested at the time of submission. 

DECC relies on the operator to confirm all necessary permissions have been obtained from any person, group, or company that may own the intellectual priority (copyright) within any material to be published. Clearance for publication must cover items such as:

  • seismic lines
  • reprocessed seismic data
  • extracts from commercial reports / maps / group-funded reports
  • maps
  • sections
  • well data

Relinquishment reports

The latest release in February 2012 adds 19 Licence Relinquishment Reports to the 298 already published. The first release in February 2008 consisted of 45 Licence Relinquishment Reports with further reports added every year.

N.B. The reports may take a while to load

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