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operators on the field at dusk

All companies entering the UKCS as a potential new operator – either as a licence applicant or following the purchase or reassignment of an existing asset – must demonstrate to DECC they would be acceptable as a UKCS production operator.

It is recommended potential operators contact the licensing administration of DECC Licensing Exploration and Development (LED) to establish what documentation is required.

Potential operators should also contact the relevant LED field team leader and the LED consents manager to discuss any existing or required consents (e.g. production and flare consents) or pipelines works authorisations.



When an asset is to be sold or assigned to a new operator, it is necessary to transfer to the new operator all relevant environmental applications, permits, etc relating to the facilities associated with that asset.  

Offshore Environment Unit operator split

The spreadsheet below has been compiled to show the allocation of operators among the Environmental Management Team, Offshore Environmental Inspectorate, and Offshore Decommissioning. It also offers relevant email contact details. 

Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) 

DECC has undertaken a SEA of a draft plan/programme to enable further rounds of offshore wind leasing and offshore oil and gas licensing in UK waters, including the underground storage of combustible gas in partially depleted oil/gas reservoirs.


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