Onshore maps and GIS shapefiles

Onshore maps and GIS shapefiles

All data below was mapped and is held by DECC in National Grid coordinates.

13th Round of Onshore Licensing

Other maps

Historical maps (approximations scanned from previous documents)

Onshore GIS shapefiles

GIS mapping software is required to view the following zipped files.

Other shapefiles

Shapefile What it covers Last updated
Hydrocarbon fields oil and gas fields in the UK – indication of hydrocarbons, not accurate reflection of reservoir boundaries 05 March 2012
Coastline low-resolution coastline of mainland Britain
National grid 10k and 100k onshore grids
Onshore licenses grid of blocks and part blocks displaying licensed areas

05 September 2012

Field determinations taxation boundary that determines a hydrocarbon field 05 March 2012
Wells surface locations of all UK onshore and offshore wells 05 September 2012
Strategic Environmental Assessment area areas considered for environmental protection and sustainable development  
Coal mine methane vents recovery of gas from mine workings for safety and power generation 04 January 2012


Historical shapefiles (approximations scanned from previous documents)


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