Conference papers

DECC Conference papers

Title Date Description and downloads
State of the UK 13 December 2011
Upstream challenges and DECC initiatives 15 December 2010
Strategic Environmental Assessment for a 14th – and subsequent – onshore oil and gas licensing round 16 August 2010
2009 activity and regulatory update  9 December 2009
Regulations in the North Sea  1-2 October 2009 
Managing decommissioning risks for government  10/11 February 2009
WITSML, PRODML and National Data Repositories could all come together to deliver major benefits  January 2009 
Making the most from UKCS Exploration  11 December 2007 
Stewardship process – three years on  September 2007 
Optimisation of CO2 injection into UKCS oilfields  September 2005 
Persistence of temperature effects from sea water injection September 2004 
DTI perspective on reservoir surveillance  15 September 2004 
 DTI / UKOOA workshop presentations 3 December 2003 
Potential for geological storage and EOR from CO2 injection into UKCS oil fields  September 2003 
 Importance of effective sand management – DTI view 4 June 2003  
Examine the gap between potential and actual oil and gas production  11 December 2002 
How can geology and geophysics improve brownfield recovery?  11 December 2002 
Unlocking the potential from UKCS low deliverability reservoirs  29-31 October 2002 
IEA EOR Collaborative Agreement Workshop and Symposium – Caracas, Venezuela   September 2002 

Tissa Jayasekera presented the following papers: 

 Improved hydrocarbon recovery in the UKCS: past, present and future April 2002 
Intelligent wells – impact on regulatory authorities  23-28 September 2001 
HPHT – hot spot for UK investment  
OG-LED and the UK onshore oil and gas industry 17-18 April 2001
Extension of field life on UKCS 21-22 November 2000
Decision risk management review of through-tubing drilling uptake on UKCS 15-16 November 2000
The development of heavy oil fields in the UK.Continental Shelf: past, present and future various

Presentation by Tissa Jayasekera delivered at following events: 

  • SPE International Thermal Operations and Heavy Oil Symposium, held in Bakersfield CA, March 1999
  • SPE Western Regional Meeting, held in Anchorage, Alaska, May 1999
  • IEA EOR Workshop and Symposium, held in Paris, September 1999
The paper was also published in SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering, Volume 3, Number 5, October 2000
Regulatory reporting using XML 28 September 2000

Supporting images: 

Extension of field life and prevention of premature COP 5-8 June 2000



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