Environmental policy

Environmental policy

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DECC is always interested in ensuring its policies are well informed and representative. From this page, you can access information and minutes with regards to the following stakeholder groups that were formed to feed into and help shape environmental policy:

You can also visit DECC's EU Environment Register to find out about EU proposals for environmental legislation that have or may have impacts on the offshore oil/gas industry.


OSPAR Offshore Industry Committee (OIC)

OSPAR is the common name for the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North East Atlantic, to which the UK is one of 16 contracting parties.

The Offshore Activities Strategy emphasises the importance of a goal-setting approach to regulation and the use of internationally recognised environmental management systems (EMS). It is pursued within OSPAR by the Offshore Industry Committee (OIC), which aims to: 

  • identify pressures and their impact on the marine environment
  • assess the effectiveness of existing programmes and measures and the need and scope for further action
  • develop new programmes and measures
  • assess the implementation of programmes and measures by contracting parties

Visit the OSPAR Commission website for further information

Offshore Oil and Gas Environmental Research Programme

This programme is now closed, but download the inventory below for an overview of completed projects supported by the programme and associated reports. 

UK Offshore Forum

This was a tripartite forum that brought together government, the offshore oil and gas industry and environmental non-governmental organisations to consider environmental issues connected with oil and gas activities.


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