Offshore Environment Unit

Offshore Environment Unit

Helicopter flying over the sea at sunset

The Offshore Environment Unit is split into three teams:

The Aberdeen teams consist of a group of administrators and technical specialists – environmental managers (EMs) and offshore environmental inspectors (OEIs). Each of the EMs and OEIs are allocated a portfolio of specific operators/companies and are responsible for dealing with the environmental aspects of those companies' activities.


Environmental Management Team

The Environmental Management Team (EMT) is responsible for the environmental assessment of offshore oil and gas activities, and for the administration of environmental legislation including: 

The EMT coordinates review of applications or submissions required under various legislation, including:

  • environmental statements
  • applications for directions confirming an environmental statement is not required
  • applications for chemical permits
  • applications to undertake seismic surveys
  • application for combustion installation permits

The EMT is also responsible for providing environmental advice, increasing environmental awareness of operators, and encouraging operators to use best environmental practice throughout their activities.


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