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EEMS is the environmental database of the UK oil and gas industry. It provides measured and calculated data relating to emissions from offshore installations and associated onshore terminals. The system is managed by Collabro and is accessible to government through DECC, industry and Oil & Gas UK. 

The EEMS website is intended to assist all parties with an interest in environmental issues to understand how the industry operates an effective policy for reporting on the environmental impact of its activities. Access to the system itself is restricted to authorised users through controlled usernames and passwords.



Oil & Gas UK has sponsored EEMS since 1992 on behalf of its member companies. It views the maintenance of a high quality, accurate database of environmental data as key to fulfilling the industry's commitment to a cleaner and safer North Sea environment. Since 1997 EEMS has been the single source of data for both the industry and government.

DECC regards the EEMS system as a key element in its environmental regulatory function. It is the mechanism through which oil companies can submit their environmental returns, which are used by DECC for government reporting requirements.


The table below illustrates the governance structure for EEMs.

EEMS Governance structure 

The project's governance board reports to Oil & Gas UK and DECC, and comprises of representatives from Oil & Gas UK and DECC as well as an IT and environmental representative from each participating oil company.

The contract manager, currently Collabro Ltd, sits on the board for reasons of reporting and recommendation. It also handles enforcement issues and manages the suppliers (currently Fivium Ltd) and issues and concerns of the user group.

Change control, release and the frontline help desk is managed by the contract manager on behalf of the EEMS Governance Board.

The current members of the governance board are:

  • Kirsty Gibson – DECC
  • Mick Borwell – Oil and Gas UK
  • Sean Reilly – Talisman
  • Adam Flett – Total
  • Gwen Moran – Collabro

The user group meets twice a year. Membership is open to any oil company that submits data to EEMS.  



The main EEMS help desk is maintained by Collabro:

Email: (preferred)
Phone: 01224 853453
Fax: 01224 853429

Contact the help desk for:

  • reference data changes including sample points, turbines, etc
  • queries on permits in relation to returns
  • asset transfers
  • portal access

For user group activities, contact Gwen Moran at or 01224 853423.

UK Oil Portal

For user support: phone 0300 068 56793 or email


For assistance with DECC's requirements for EEMS, email:


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