Offshore maps and GIS shapefiles

Offshore maps and GIS shapefiles

27th Round of Offshore Licensing

26th Round of Offshore Licensing



Offshore GIS shapefiles

The shapefiles below are constructed by connecting GCS coordinates with a straight line rather than a geodetic arc (takes into account the curvature of the earth). They are therefore not suitable for defining legal boundaries or measuring areas.

Shapefiles What it covers Last updated
extent of the UKCS - intended as a guide to offshore licensing. Does not contain definitive legal boundaries  03 February 2012
oil, gas and condensate fields on the UKCS – indicates hydrocarbons only, not an accurate reflection of reservoir boundaries  05 September 2012 
low-resolution coastline of mainland Britain  – 
1 degree x 1 degree grid of the UKCS  – 
grid of blocks and part blocks displaying licensed areas – intended as a guide, does not contain definitive legal boundaries. Download sub-area blocks shapefile or visit Licenses page of site for further details on operators 05 September 2012
taxation boundary that determines a hydrocarbon field  05 September 2012 
surface locations of all UK onshore and offshore wells  05 September
areas considered for environmental protection and suitable development  – 
discoveries identified by DECC as "significant" in terms of flow rate. Does not indicate commercial potential, but identifies those with an approved or in-production field development plan  05 September 2012
boundary line for application of English and Scottish civil and criminal law to offshore renewable energy installations  16 September 2009 
grid of blocks and part blocks displaying operator and equity details – intended as a guide, does not contain definitive legal boundaries 

05 September 2012 

grid of all licensed and unlicensed blocks - intended as a guide, does not contain definitive legal boundaries 

05 September

most recent listing of fallow blocks and discoveries
21 February 2012
Pipelines not maintained by DECC – see UKDEAL for shapefile – 
Wind Farm areas not maintained by DECC – see Crown Estate for shapefile – 



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