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Data & maps

Data & maps

  • Guidance on co-ordinate systems

    CompassThis guidance concerns the management of spatial data for UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) petroleum operations. It was produced to clarify any handling coordinate integrity issues arising from the licence boundary co-ordinate system published in 1999.

  • Field data

    Drilling on an oil field at sunsetThe gateway to vast amounts of data relating to UK oil and gas fields including historical and current production figures, production projections, charts indicating UKCS income and expenditure, and information releases on oil discharges. 



  • Well data

    Looking glass over dataUse the Individual Wells Search Tool to find basic well header data by quadrant and block.

    You can also search by year, basin and geographical area, for information about well drilling activity on the UKCS since 1964. 

  • Access to data

    Graphic of looking glass over open foldersDECC aims to make as much information and data publicly available as soon as possible. Under current regulation, data is usually available for release once a period of confidentiality has passed.

  • Digital data exchange formats

    graphic of different types of data chartsExtensive information about all of the data companies are required to deliver to EDU under various legislation, including a summary of data content, data format and data exchange standards. 




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