Press Centre

Media Enquiries
Information and contact details for journalists and media organisations wishing to contact the Ministry of Defence Press Office
MOD Press Releases
The very latest Press Releases issued by the MOD
Defence News Blog
Our news blog includes up-to-the-minute briefings on UK defence and the Armed Forces
Defence Image Database
Downloadable images of Defence and Armed Forces activity taken by Service and MOD photographers
Defence News Imagery
The most up to date news imagery (stills and video) of UK armed forces activity, both at home and overseas. This service requires accreditation.
News in Depth: Operations in Iraq
News and Factsheets about UK Military Operations in Iraq
News in Depth: Operations in Afghanistan
News and Factsheets about UK Military Operations in Afghanistan
Defence for Researchers
Access MOD publications, statistics, historical information and other research material.
The Green Book
Ministry of Defence arrangements for working with the media
Speeches by Ministers and Senior Officials
Latest speeches by senior defence figures
Top Level Messages
Updated on a monthly basis, these represent the MOD position on the big issues.
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