Watch Sarah Richards and Mike Bracken from the Government Digital Service introduce GOV.UK in this short video.

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Sarah: GOV.UK is a new website, it's the best place to find government services and information.

Mike: GOV.UK makes it simpler, clearer and faster for people to get what they need from government.

Sarah: It's got some step-by-step guides for things like employing new staff, which can make some complicated processes much easier to understand.

Mike: You can work out things like maternity pay with the help of some very simple tools.

Sarah: And for things like Bank Holidays, we put the information most people are looking for right in the middle of the page.

Mike: GOV.UK. It's simpler, clearer and faster. Have a look at

It’s a simpler, clearer and faster way to get what you need from the government.

You can read more about the site below, or get started now by searching for things like driving test, passport, and holiday entitlement.

  • Starting with search

    People begin most internet journeys with search, so we’ve designed the site with that in mind.

    Whether you use a search engine or our own search tools, we’ve made sure you’ll get to the information you want quickly.

  • Simple navigation

    We use clear and simple headings and descriptions like ‘MOT and vehicle insurance’ or ‘Imports and exports’. And we always show you where you are, so you can quickly explore a category.

  • Plain and direct language

    We’ve made sure that everything on GOV.UK has been written simply and directly, so that it’s usable and accessible by everyone. That means short, engaging pieces of writing that avoid unnecessary jargon.

    The GOV.UK style guide goes into more detail about the guidelines our writers follow for everything on the site.

  • Pages clear of clutter

    Pages are clean and simple, and we’ve looked carefully at what people search for so we show the information most people want right away.

  • Step-by-step guides

    We’ll take you step by step through complicated processes, like employing staff for the first time and highlight the most important information.

  • Detail when you need it

    If you need more specific information, about things like maternity pay entitlement, then our tools will quickly give you a clear answer.

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