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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Find local health services on your mobile

Send a text message to find your nearest health facilities with Directgov's mobile service. Use your phone to find doctors' surgeries, pharmacies, opticians, dentists, A&E (Accident and Emergency) departments and more.

Why use NHS search on mobile?

Find your nearest health facilities, with NHS Choices and Directgov

You can't plan for every eventuality, especially when it comes to health.

That's why NHS Choices and Directgov have launched a new service to help you find your nearest health facilities, wherever you might be.

So if you need anything, whether it is plasters, fillings, spectacles or stitches - Directgov can point you in the right direction.

How it works

Simply text the name of the service you need (see full list below) to 64746

We'll find your postcode and send you a list of your nearest services, complete with addresses, phone numbers and maps. By texting this service your mobile network will reveal your location to us once - however, we do not store this information.

Follow these steps:

1. Text the name of the service you need, eg 'A&E' to 64746

2. Next you will receive a text message with a link

3. Open the link to get a list of the nearest services


As with the website, Directgov does not charge you to use any of its mobile services. However, your mobile operator may charge you to send text messages or access the internet on your phone. Costs will vary depending on your phone contract, so check with your operator to find out about tariffs.

Full list of services

Choose from the following services:

  • A&E
  • alcohol support services (text 'alcohol')
  • dentist
  • GP
  • optician
  • pharmacy
  • sexual health
  • stop smoking (text 'quit')
  • walk-in-centre (text 'walk in')

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