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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Justice and policing - Spending Review

  • Published: Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The government's Spending Review has set budgets for departments responsible for justice and policing. Find out how these will affect policing, security and criminal sentencing in the UK.

Departmental savings

  • the Ministry of Justice’s resource budget will be reduced by 23 per cent by 2014-15, including a 33 per cent cut in back office and administration costs
  • the Ministry of Justice’s London estate will be reduced from eighteen buildings to four, saving £40 million
  • the Home Office’s resource budget will be reduced by 23 per cent by 2014-15
  • central government police funding will reduce by 20 per cent by 2014-15

Courts and sentencing

The Spending Review announces:

  • plans to reform legal aid, targeting funding on those who need it most
  • reforming sentencing to rehabilitate offenders more effectively and reduce the prison population

These announcements in the Spending Review build on existing action, including consultation on proposals to close 157 under-used courts. A Green Paper will set out proposals to reform sentencing, intervene earlier to give treatments to mentally ill offenders, and use voluntary and private providers to reduce reoffending.

Policing and security

The Spending Review announces:

  • the government will support efforts to reduce wasteful spending and to reduce back office costs by ending central targets and modernising pay and conditions
  • the introduction of directly elected Police and Crime Commissioners
  • raising productivity in the UK Border Agency's frontline operations by investing in new technologies

Ideas from the public

The department is also adopting ideas suggested by the public through the Spending Challenge:

  • allowing employers to share CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks

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