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Actions completed last month

5.3.iii Publish monitoring report on performance against the ‘planning guarantee’ for application and appeal processing times
4.1.ii Agreements signed with local authorities on retention of additional Right to Buy receipts

Actions to be completed this month

5.4.i Pass the regulations associated with the Localism Act 2011 to ensure that the Community Infrastructure Levy incentivise neighbourhoods to go for growth
2.1.i Pass the regulations associated with the Localism Act 2011 to give communities the right to bid to save local facilities threatened with closure
2.1.iii Consult on detailed proposals to make it easier to establish new town and parish councils with consultation launch in July and close in October
2.1.iv Ask the Local Government Association and the National Association of Local Councils to help us develop model schemes for town and parish councils by summer 2012
2.6.i Support local authorities to retain and reinstate weekly rubbish collection and encourage reward schemes to boost recycling, including providing up to £250 million of central funding