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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

UCAS Extra: your second chance to get a place

If you're applying for a full-time place through UCAS and you don't get any offers, you may have a second chance to get a place through UCAS Extra.

What is UCAS Extra?

UCAS Extra is available from the end of February until the end of June

If you applied for five courses on your UCAS application and didn’t manage to secure an offer (or turned down the ones you received), you have a second chance to apply for a place, using Extra. The service starts at the end of February and runs until the end of June.

UCAS Track lets you keep up to date with the progress of your application online. If you become eligible for Extra, a button will appear on your Track screen which you can use to apply for a course.

Finding a course

To find a course through Extra, look for course vacancies on the UCAS website, or contact universities and colleges direct.

You can only apply for one course at a time through Extra. Once you’ve made an Extra application (through your Track screen), UCAS forwards your application to the university or college you’ve chosen.

If a university or college has had your application for consideration in Extra for more than 21 days and not made a decision, you can choose to let this institution continue to consider you or apply on Track to another institution in Extra.

Get in touch with the place considering your application direct to let them know you no longer want to be considered before referring yourself to another university or college.

Getting an offer

As soon as you accept an offer, whether it's conditional or unconditional, you are committed to the course and cannot apply for any more courses through Extra.

If you turn down an offer, or the university or college turns you down, you can apply for another course - as long as you have enough time to do so.

If you don't get an offer, you need to wait until you get your exam results and then look for a place through the Clearing system.

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