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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Local community partnerships and safety schemes

Your local council, the police, and other partners work with businesses and the community to reduce crime and disorder. You can get more information about crime prevention in your area by contacting your local council.

Town centre management

Town centre management brings together a variety of people and organisations aiming to tackle local issues. These issues include transport problems, the quality of the environment and how to prevent crime.

Town centre management teams regularly review an area to make sure any changes are still working for businesses and residents. They may improve the local area by:

  • installing CCTV systems to reduce street crime such as theft, drug dealing and assault
  • making shopping areas pedestrian only zones
  • landscaping unused waste land
  • improving street lighting

Your local town centre management team may include:

  • residents
  • local businesses
  • police
  • council departments
  • community safety groups
  • neighbouring councils

If you would like to find out about town centre management in your area or would like to get involved, contact your local council.

Street wardens and crime prevention

Many councils use street wardens to help with community safety projects and provide a reassuring presence in town centres. All street wardens are part of official schemes, and supported by community groups and the police.

Wardens also contribute to community development and provide a contact point between you, your local authority and the police.

Joint community and street warden schemes have included:

  • litter picking for young people
  • local football matches and teams
  • schools visits
  • escorting vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, disabled and victims of crime

If you would like more information about the street warden service in your local area, contact your local council.
To find out more about crime prevention in your area, the following link will let you enter details of where you live and then take you to your local council website.

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