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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Everyday help for council tenants

If you are an existing or new council tenant and not coping well on your own, your council may be able to help you through its Supported Tenancy Service. Find out more about the support available for day-to-day tasks and how to arrange it.

The Supported Tenancy Service - who the service is for

The service (sometimes called the Supported Tenancy Service) helps vulnerable people or people who need extra support, live as independently as possible. It is not a type of tenancy but a service for people with a council tenancy. 

Under the Supported Tenancy Service, there are normally two types of scheme:

  • visits to your home – you stay in your council property and a worker visits you (usually on a weekly basis)
  • accommodation-based – you move into a specially designed scheme with support workers on site

The type of support available

If your council runs a Supported Tenancy Service it should give you the help and support you need to live as independently as possible. Your council may be able to help you with some, or all of the following:

In your home

  • setting-up and running your home – eg turning gas on safely, electricity and water
  • finding furniture
  • sorting out rent and bills
  • managing money and claiming benefits
  • getting insurance and making sure your home is secure

Out and about

  • making the most of your neighbourhood – eg finding local shops and services
  • looking for jobs
  • training or courses
  • making use of leisure time
  • getting expert advice on things like debt, mental health, drug or alcohol problems

See 'Help and support at home' for more information about meals at home, help with garden maintenance, community support groups and more.

'One-to-one' help from a support worker

You may get your own support worker who will talk through any problems with you. They may agree a 'support plan' with you that tells you the type of support they will give you how often they will visit. Your council should aim to help you get on your feet and live as independently as possible.

After a while, you may find that you do not need the same kind of, or as much support as before. If your needs change and you want more support, contact your council to ask for further help through the scheme.

The following link will let you enter details of where you live and then take you to your local council website where you can find out more.

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