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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Making a complaint about a taxi or private hire service

If you have a problem with a taxi or minicab driver's behaviour or you believe a vehicle to be unlicensed, report it immediately. Find out what you need to do and who to contact to make a complaint.

Complaints about taxis

If you would like to make a complaint about a taxi in London, report it directly to the Public Carriage Office (PCO).

Outside of London, report your complaint to the relevant local council, which is either the district or borough council or unitary authority.

Complaints about private hire vehicles

For private hire vehicles, also known as minicabs, you can try to resolve the complaint through the operating company. If you are not happy with the outcome or you feel your complaint is more serious, you can:

  • make your complaint to the Public Carriage Office (PCO) in London
  • make your complaint to your local council outside of London – most have taxi complaint forms on their websites

What you need to make a complaint

When making a complaint, it is helpful to have:

  • the vehicle registration number of the taxi or private hire vehicle (printed on the number plate or disc)
  • taxi or private hire vehicle licence number
  • taxi driver’s badge number (normally shown on their badge) or private hire vehicle operating firm name

Reporting a crime

If the behaviour involves a criminal act, you should report it to the police immediately. In an emergency, call 999.

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