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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Fees, forms and checklists for registering pleasure craft

If you would like to register your pleasure craft (like a yacht) you can now do so online. You can also change the name of your boat or port, transfer ownership and renew your registration. Find out what documents you need and how much it will cost to register.

Guide to registration

If you're not sure what type of registration you need, or need more information on how to register your boat, see 'Registering your pleasure craft'.

To find out about how to renew your registration, change port/name or transfer ownership of your boat, see 'Owning a registered pleasure craft'.

Checklist for Part III registration

If you would like to register your boat on Part III of the Register you will need the following forms:

  • the Application for the Small Ships Register
  • a fee of £25

Please return them by post to the Registry of Shipping and Seamen (RSS).

UK Ship Register - RSS
Anchor Court
Keen Road
CF24 5JW
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)29 2044 8813
Email address:

You can also register online for Part III of the Register (SSR).

Checklist for Part I registration

To register your boat on Part I of the Register, you need to complete and return the following forms to the UK Ship Register - RSS:

  • Application to Register a British Ship
  • Declaration of Eligibility 
  • Title Document - Bill of Sale
  • Builders Certificate
  • a fee of £124

Applications can be made through email or fax in the first instance. But you won't get a Certificate of Registry until all your completed documents and fees are received.

The following forms may also be needed if you intend to register a mortgage against your boat:

  • Mortgage of a Ship to Secure Account Current etc/other obligation
  • Mortgage of a Ship to Secure Principal Sum and Interest
  • Notice of Mortgage Intent

Supporting documents for Part I

Along with the forms and fees listed above, you will also need to send:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (if a company is applying)
  • Certificate of Survey of Tonnage and Measurement
  • International Tonnage Certificate ITC69 (if the boat is over 24 metres)

UK Ship Register - RSS
Anchor Court
Keen Road
CF24 5JW
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)29 2044 8866
Email address:

Original documents

All title documents used for registration must be original. If documents are in a foreign language, they must be accompanied by a notarised translation and must be certified by a public notary. The documents will be endorsed and returned to you with the Certificate of Registry. 

If you cannot get the original documentation and you need to register your boat, RSS may be able to suggest alternative documentation.


The following is a guideline to fees for registering a pleasure craft. If you want a more detailed estimate, please contact the RSS.

  • Part I registration £124
  • Registering a mortgage £84 (subsequent mortgages £15)
  • Notice of mortgage intent £25
  • Renewal of Part I registration every five years £49
  • Change of ownership £80 (one bill of sale), subsequent bills of sale £15
  • Change of name or port £37
  • Transcript of registry - current entries £21
  • Transcript of registry - other entries £32
  • Part III registration £25
  • Renewal of Part III (SSR) registration every five years £25
  • Part III changes £25
  • Transcripts - as above

Ways to pay

You can pay by:

  • cheque (payable to MCA)
  • bank transfer (please contact RSS for the account number)
  • credit/debit card

If your boat is not a pleasure craft

If you have any concerns or questions about whether your boat is a pleasure craft, contact the Registry of Shipping and Seamen (RSS) for advice.

UK Ship Register – RSS
Anchor Court
Keen Road
CF24 5JW
United Kingdom

Telephone number: +44 (0)29 2044 8800
Fax number: +44 (0)29 2044 8820
Email address:

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