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Whooping cough vaccine for pregnant women

Friday Sep 28 2012

Whooping cough and pregnancy - new advice issued

"Pregnant women are to be given the whooping cough vaccine for the first time following the biggest outbreak of the disease for 20 years and the deaths of 10 babies," The Daily Telegraph has reported…

'Smart drug' offers breast cancer hope

Tuesday Oct 2 2012

New smart drug offers breast cancer hope

“New ‘smart’ breast cancer drug gives an extra six months of life and stops loss of hair,” states the headline in the Daily Mail. The news is based on the publication of the results of a new trial for treatment of a type of breast cancer...

Hip resurfacing 'not suitable' for women

Tuesday Oct 2 2012

Hip resurfacing 'not suitable' for women

“Surgeons should stop carrying out a common type of hip replacement operation on women because of ‘unacceptably high’ failure rates,” The Daily Telegraph has reported. The current news is based on a large study that...

Could less sleep increase teen diabetes risk?

Monday Oct 1 2012

All night gaming sessions could increase teens’ diabetes risk

“Teenagers who stay up all night playing video games could be putting themselves at increased risk of diabetes,” the Daily Mail has reported. This story is based on a study that assessed sleep length and insulin...

Huge rise in gout cases

Monday Oct 1 2012

Gout, 'disease of kings', is making a return

'Disease of kings' is on the rise as more people get gout because of rising rates of obesity, according to the Daily Mail. Gout is a condition that causes pain and swelling in the joints. It often affects the big toe but can affect larger joints...

Widely used sleeping pill 'increases dementia' risk

Friday Sep 28 2012

Widely used sleeping pill 'increases dementia' risk

Sleeping pills taken by millions are linked to dementia, according to The Daily Telegraph. As an estimated 10 million to 11 million prescriptions for benzodiazepines are reported to be issued...

Acrylamide in frozen chips 'cancer risk'

Friday Sep 28 2012

Pre-cooked chips 'can cause cancer'

'Frozen chips could be a cause of cancer, according to new claims' The Daily Telegraph reports after researchers found that a substance found in pre-cooked chips may be carcinogenic. So are you also serving up cancer with your portion of french fries?..

Mice give clue to 'self-repairing skin'

Thursday Sep 27 2012

Could animal research lead to 'self-repairing skin'?

“‘Scar free healing’ in mice may give clues to human skin repair,” BBC News has reported. The broadcaster says that scientists are interested in figuring out “how the healing takes place and if it could apply to people”.

Drug 'breakthrough' for children with premature ageing disease progeria

Thursday Sep 27 2012

Drug breakthrough for children with 'Benjamin Button' disease

“Tremendous breakthrough drug shows promise in treating children with a rare and fatal disease,” the Daily Mail has reported. The story is based on a small trial...

New optical technique that 'can see under skin'

Wednesday Sep 26 2012

New optical technique that 'can see under skin'

'Doctors could be able to 'see' under patients' skin' the Daily Mail speculates after new research into a 'groundbreaking' new optical technique was announced. The technique, optical coherence tomography, could 'eliminate need for biopsies'…

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