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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Strategic defence review published

  • Published: Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The government's Strategic Defence and Security Review was published this afternoon following a statement by the Prime Minister to Parliament. Read on for a summary and to download the review.

Defence Review

The Strategic Defence and Security Review, which sets out how the government will go about securing Britain in an age of uncertainty, has been published today. In the review, the government has taken decisions on its defence, security, intelligence, resilience, development and foreign affairs capabilities.

The Strategic Defence and Security Review aims to equip the UK with:

  • modern defences
  • strong security and intelligence agencies
  • diplomats and development aid - the amount of aid to be spent in conflict countries will double, to help tackle threats at source

The Ministry of Defence has published some of the detailed implications of the review. Follow the link below to read their article.

The full review, titled 'Securing Britain in an age of uncertainty', can be downloaded by following the link below.

Need for balance

The review recognises that national security depends upon economic security, and vice versa. Bringing the defence programme back into balance is a vital part of both how the government tackles the deficit and how it protects Britain’s national security.

There will be reductions in defence personnel over the next five years, as follows:

  • the Royal Navy will reduce by around 5,000 personnel
  • the Army by 7,000
  • the RAF by 5,000
  • civilians by 25,000

Britain will continue to invest in security and intelligence agencies. £650 million in new funds will cover the cost of a transformative national programme to protect Britain in cyberspace.

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