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Research institutions 

  Secrecy and Transparency: Striking the Balance

“The long awaited Green Paper on Justice and Security suggests the British Government wants to close a legal loophole to ensure sensitive intelligence material from abroad can be kept secret.” – © 2012 RUSI Registered Charity (no. 210639)

Reading University – The Government’s Green Paper on Justice and Security

“The resources {..} bring together the background to the Green Paper, consultations and reviews, commentary and analysis, and some of the circumstances in which the new legislation might apply” – © University of Reading

 Balancing secrecy with openness and accountability

“Last week, British Foreign Secretary William Hague gave a speech on the role of secret intelligence in British foreign policy.” - © 2006-2012 The International Institute For Strategic Studies 


Joint Committee on Human Rights

The Human Rights Implications of the Justice and Security Green Paper

Correspondence and memoranda relating to the Committee on Human Rights’ inquiry into the Justice and Security Green Paper – © Parliamentary Copyright

Justice and Security Green Paper: Written Evidence 

Written evidence related to the Justice and Security Green Paper submitted to the Joint Committee on Human Rights -  © Parliamentary Copyright



The justice and security green paper is an attack on liberty 

“Ministers’ plans to extend their power to withhold evidence in civil proceedings will undermine ancient freedoms”  – © Guardian News & Media

 Ministry of Justice sounds warning over secret hearings

“Binyam Mohamed’s action against MI5 and MI6 is the sort of embarrassment green paper aims to prevent if it becomes law” - © Guardian News & Media

We hear your fears over open justice loud and clear

 ”I am a great believer in the principle of open justice, always have been and always will be. So I could not be more dismayed that the proposals contained in the Justice and Security Green Paper have given rise to public concerns about ‘secret justice’. ” - © Associated Newspapers Ltd

 David Anderson QC backs closed hearings in some national security cases

“Independent reviewer of terrorism legislation says closed material procedures justified if US-UK intelligence cooperation would suffer.” - © Guardian News & Media


Should more trials be held in secret?

“The proposals have been little reported, save for journalist Joshua Rozenberg, channeling Dinah Rose QC, warning that they will “undermine a fundamental constitutional right:”” – Originally published by www.UKHumanRightsBlog.com

Should more trials be held in secret? Part 2: A Special Advocate’s comment

“Having been involved as a Special Advocate in many hearings involving closed material, I am troubled about these proposals, as well as the lack of public debate that they have generated” -  Originally published by www.UKHumanRightsBlog.com

 Closed courts and secret evidence: Britain’s own Guantanamo Bay 

The government is attempting to further shield itself from those seeking to obtain secret intelligence. Proposals contained in a new consultation green paper threaten to compromise the British system of open justice and the right to a fair trial” – Originally published by www.UKHumanRightsBlog.com

 Justice wide shut

Yesterday’s Daily Mail’s editorial ‘The Chilling threat to liberty and justice, railed against the “deeply disturbing proposals, slipped out with little public comment” by which “the Coalition plans a radical extension of the secret justice introduced by Labour to deal with foreign terrorist suspects”.” – Originally published by www.UKHumanRightsBlog.com



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