Driving tests and instructors

This series presents information on the number of practical driving and riding test undertaken and the number of approved driving instructors (ADIs) in Great Britain.

All of the statistics are derived from data held by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) which administers the driving test scheme in Great Britain.

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Notes and guidance

All the statistics are extracted from DSA’s Testing and Registration System (TARS) and the Road Safety Information System (RSIS). Further information is available in the Notes and Definitions (PDF – 51 KB) document.

Data included

The first official statistics in this series were release in February 2012. This release and the following supplementary release included included driving and riding test numbers and pass rates by gender and month plus Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) test results, the number of ADIs on the register and information about the number of instructor certificates and compulsory basic training sites. These tables are updated quarterly.

A set of tables containing a more detailed breakdown of test candidates by age are released annually.

Supporting data

Additional data tables are released on data.gov.uk. These tables have been released separately as they are official statistics.

Data are also available for individual test centres. This information is available at:

Technical information

National Statistics

These statistics are not designated as National Statistics.

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