Congestion on local authority managed 'A' roads: October to December 2011

Publisher:Department for Transport
Published date: 9 February 2012
Series:Congestion and reliability
Statistics topic:Journey time, Major roads, Speeds


This statistical release presents provisional information about congestion on local authority managed ‘A’ roads between October and December 2011.

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Key points

  • Provisional data shows that average speeds during the weekday morning peak on locally managed ‘A’ roads in England were faster in October (0.5 per cent), November (3.7 per cent) and December (6.7 per cent) 2011 than in 2010.
  • While these recent increases in speed will be heavily influenced by the better weather experienced during November and December 2011 than 2010, average morning peak speeds have generally been on an upward trend over the last 11 months.
  • The only exception to this occurred in May 2011, when speeds fell, but this is likely to have been affected by greater than usual demand for the network during this month as people returned to work after the late Easter and Royal Wedding in April 2011.

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