Congestion on local authority managed 'A' roads: 2010-11

Publisher:Department for Transport
Published date: 10 November 2011
Series:Congestion and reliability


This statistical release presents information about congestion on local authority managed ‘A’ roads between September 2010 and July 2011. The release finalises the statistics published in previous quarters and presents provisional information about congestion during September 2011.

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Key points

  • The average speed achieved during the weekday morning peak on locally managed ‘A’ roads in England in 2010/11 was 25.1 mph. This is broadly similar to the speeds observed in the previous 2 years but is 1.7 per cent faster than those achieved during 2006/7.
  • With the exception of May 2011, the average morning peak speeds observed over the last 8 months have been above the levels seen in the previous year.
  • Provisionally, the average speed achieved over the morning peak during September 2011 was 25.4 mph, up 0.5 per cent on the previous September.

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