Vehicle MOT testing

This series presents estimates of MOT non-compliance among vehicles observed driving on British roads.

The Department’s estimates of MOT non-compliance are derived by directly observing registration marks from traffic at various sites around the country and comparing these with records held by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, which administers to MOT testing system in Britain.

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Notes and guidance

The Department contributed to roads policing operation V79, whose reports provides alternative estimates of both Vehicle Excise Duty Evasion and MOT non-compliance. The V79 operation involved police officers stopping vehicles at random on the road, and carrying out checks on a range of regulatory and documentary requirements for both the vehicle and its driver.

Any differences between figures published in V79 reports and those in this series are caused by the differences in methodology. However, it should be noted that the V79 operation is based on a much smaller sample of vehicles, and its results are not treated as official statistics.

National Statistics

These statistics are not National Statistics. They are presently experimental and are currently being assessed by the United Kingdom Statistics Authority (UKSA). A final report is expected to be published in Summer 2011.

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