DfT taxi statistics provide information on the number of licensed taxis and private hire vehicles in England and Wales, including the number designed to be accessible for disabled people.

Data are derived from the Department’s survey of licensing authorities in England and Wales, which takes place every two years. The last survey was carried out in 2011.

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Notes and guidance

Taxis (or ‘hackney carriages’) are available for immediate hire and can be hailed in the street (known as ‘plying for hire’). Taxis can also accept pre-bookings. Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs) (sometimes known as ‘minicabs’) must be pre-booked and cannot use taxi ranks. It is illegal for PHVs to ply for hire.

These statistics are collected through a survey of the 316 licensing authorities in England and Wales (lower tier local authorities, and TfL for London). A copy of the survey questionnaire can be downloaded here.

Survey responses account for over 95 per cent of published totals. Where a figure is not provided, a response to previous surveys is carried forward. In a few cases, authorities report that figures are estimated, or relate to time points other than 31 March. However, these factors are unlikely to have a significant impact on the national and regional level figures.

National Statistics

Figures at national and regional level are National Statistics. Figures for individual licensing authorities are less robust and therefore are outside the scope of National Statistics. These statistics are currently being assessed by the United Kingdom Statistics Authority (UKSA) to determine their compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. An assessment report was published in June 2012 (Report 221).

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