Domestic waterborne freight

This series provides information on freight traffic moved within the United Kingdom by water transport. This covers inland waters traffic, traffic carried around the UK coast, one-port traffic to and from offshore installations and sea dredging.

The statistics are produced from a combination of the sources for our ‘Port Freight Statistics’ and an independent survey of inland waterway operators. These statistics are updated annually.

The series also includes a Benchmark Report providing a summary of inland waterway track, wharfs and vessels in Great Britain. This is published around every five years.

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National Statistics

These statistics are currently being assessed by the United Kingdom Statistics Authority (UKSA) to determine their compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. An assessment report was published in June 2012 (Report 221).

Technical information

Information on domestic waterborne freight, including the pre-release access list and related technical documentation can be found here:

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