Road accidents and safety

This series presents statistics on road safety in Great Britain. Most of the statistics are based on accidents reported to the police (STATS19 system). These provide detailed statistics about the circumstances of personal injury road accidents, including the types of vehicles involved and the consequent casualties.

Other sources directly related to road safety are also used, including hospital admissions, death registrations, coroner’s reports, surveys, and statistics on breath tests and motoring offences from the Home Office and Ministry of Justice.

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Key releases

The following road safety statistical releases are published during the year.

Other ad-hoc surveys or factsheets are also published from time to time.

Links to earlier data, reports and publications can be found here and by following the links below:.

Road Casualties Online

The Department for Transport has reviewed the usage of Road Casualties Online (RCOL) and concluded that there was not sufficient usage to continue to maintain the site.

Anybody wishing to access the latest statistics on reported road casualties and accidents in Great Britain can do so by following the links above.

Accident level data for reported road accidents (from 2004 onwards), is available from the following link:

If you have any questions about the reported road accident data or if you wish to contact us, you can do so using the details at the bottom of this page.

National Statistics

Most of the statistics published in this series are National Statistics. Those that are not are provided to give extra context and are clearly identified.

The United Kingdom Statistics Authority (UKSA) assessed police reported road casualty statistics and published a report (Report 4) in July 2009. This report, and the letter confirming their designation as National Statistics are available at:

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Notes and guidance

As noted above, statistics on road safety in Great Britain are mostly based on accidents reported to the police via the STATS19 system. Comparisons with death registration statistics show that very few, if any, road accident fatalities are not reported to the police. However, it has long been known that a considerable proportion of non-fatal casualties are not known to the police, as hospital, survey and compensation claims data all indicate a higher number of casualties than are reported.

The Department produces an annual ‘best estimate’ of the total number of road casualties in Great Britain each year, including those not reported to police. This is derived primarily from National Travel Survey (NTS) data. The latest such estimates, along with a description of how the have been derived and their limitations, are set out in an annual article published in the in Reported Road Casualties Great Britain: Annual report.

The STATS19 data are therefore not a complete record of all injury accidents and this should be borne in mind when using and analysing the data. However, they remain the most detailed, complete and reliable single source of information on road casualties covering the whole of Great Britain, in particular for monitoring trends over time.

Technical information

There is a Standing Committee on Road Accident Statistics (SCRAS), chaired by DfT, which oversees the collection of road accident data. The Committee contains representatives from polices forces, local authorities and the devolved administrations.

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