DSO 3.9ii: Life expectancy at birth (monitored using all age all cause mortality), 1995-97 to 2006-08

Published 23 February 2010
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The latest data measuring Departmental Strategic Objective 3.9ii Life expectancy (using all age all cause mortality as a proxy) in the 56 Working Neighbourhood Fund/Spearhead cross-over areas were released on Tuesday 23 February 2010 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

The key points

Between 1995-97 (baseline) and figures for the latest year, 2006-08:

Life expectancy at birth

  • average life expectancy at birth for males in WNF/Spearhead areas increased from 72.6 years to 75.6 years; an improvement of 3 years;
  • for females, average life expectancy at birth in WNF/Spearhead areas increased from 78.2 years to 80.3 years; an improvement of 2.1 years.

All age all cause mortality

  • mortality of males in WNF/Spearhead areas decreased 23 per cent from 1,083 deaths to 828 deaths (per 100,000 population);
  • mortality of females in WNF/Spearhead areas decreased 16 per cent from 686 deaths to 574 deaths (per 100,000 population).

Note that figures have been revised to reflect the list of Working Neighbourhood Fund areas as of February 2009.


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