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5/2004: The Pension Increase (Review) Order 2004

This circular advises Fire Authorities of the following matters and provides guidance where changes are to be implemented:

  • Pensions Increase Review Order 2004.
  • Amendments to the FPS.

It should be brought to the attention of your fire authority, pension managers, brigade medical officers/occupational health managers and Human Resources; and in relation to section B to all members of the FPS.


The Pensions Increase (Review) Order 2004 provides for public service pensions beginning before 7th April 2003 to be increased on 12th April 2004 by 2.8%. Any pension which has been in payment for less than a year will be increased by a proportionate amount depending upon the number of months it had been in payment. A copy of the draft order is annexed.

Fire Authorities are reminded that in accordance with the provisions of Rule E9 of the Firemen's Pension Scheme Order 1992, widow(er)'s flat-rate pensions and children's flat rate Allowances are increased directly by orders made under Section 59 of the Social Security Pensions Act 1975, as amended. These awards should accordingly be increased 2.8% from 12th April 2004.

Pension Increase (Review) Order 2004:


We circulated proposals for amendment to the FPS with Fire Service Circular 9/2003 and invited comments. The results of the consultation have been posted on the ODPM website. We have completed our consideration of the responses and are in process of revising the draft amending Order to take account of the comments received.

We will be consulting further with the Pensions Sub-committee of the Central Fire Brigades Advisory Council in accordance with the requirement of section 26(6) of the Fire Services Act 1947 before inviting Ministers to approve the amending Order. A copy of the revised draft will be posted on the website.

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