DCMS Communications Review Seminar Series

DCMS Communications Review: Seminar Series

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DCMS Communications Review Seminar Series

The Communications Review

An opportunity to build on our telecommunications, media and technology capabilities, and turn the UK into Europe’s technology hub.

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The Seminar Series

Half-day seminars to help inform policy options for a White Paper, covering a variety of topics with input from a wide range of people.

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How to get involved

Read the seminar papers and leave a public comment or make a private submission to the policy team. You can also access seminar outputs.

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About the Communications Review

The UK is home to world-class telecommunications, media and technology industries.  Nearly a decade after the last Communications Act these sectors have gone from strength to strength, with a clear benefit to the whole economy.  There is now an opportunity to build on this capability, and turn the UK into Europe’s technology hub.

We aim to:

  • promote growth and evolution in the communications sector
  • to meet consumer expectations of high-quality content and services delivered in a variety of ways
  • to improve connectivity and speed
  • to ensure sufficient protection from unfair practices and inappropriate content

From the responses to the Open Letter which launched this review, it is clear that root and branch reform of communications regulation is not required to achieve these aims.

We will focus on enabling a world-beating communications sector through providing three key ingredients: world-class infrastructure; the right incentives for investment in content; and support for open and dynamic markets through flexible, proportionate regulation.

Objectives informing our approach are:

  • driving growth in the technology sector and across the rest of the economy, offering support for SMEs through active removal of barriers to entry
  • supporting and safeguarding consumers and citizens, giving them confidence and clarity about the content and services they are accessing
  • flexible regulation to effectively tackle rapid and sustained changes in the market and technology (with a presumption towards little or no regulation where possible and appropriate)
  • working within European and international frameworks but also leading the way where change is required to safeguard UK interests.