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DCMS Communications Review Seminar Series

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An opportunity to build on our telecommunications, media and technology capabilities, and turn the UK into Europe’s technology hub.

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Half-day seminars to help inform policy options for a White Paper, covering a variety of topics with input from a wide range of people.

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3. Maximising the value of spectrum to support growth and innovation

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An advanced and efficient digital infrastructure can support not only the technology and media sectors but also the wider economy. Mobile, for example, is fast becoming an increasingly significant medium from which the UK economy can benefit.

Mobile-commerce is growing significantly: PayPal expects to see global increases in mobile payment by volume to $7.5 billion in 2013 up from $750 million in 2010. In addition, the increasing availability of different types of content via mobile phones has growth potential: services such as Sky Go and Everything Everywhere’s upgraded mobile TV service demonstrate an increasing trend to enable consumers to access television services via their mobile devices. Government believes that increasing bandwidths through enhanced infrastructure could open up the market and see real growth in the sector.

The Government is already investing a total of £830 million by 2015 into improving broadband connectivity in poorly served, mainly rural areas, upgrading mobile infrastructure and establishing some of Europe’s best connected cities. Government must now also consider the other crucial building block of digital infrastructure: spectrum. Many of the most innovative new products that have arisen over the last few years have been as a result of creative uses of spectrum.

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To make the UK Europe’s technology hub will require greater levels of connectivity and higher bandwidths to enable new and existing businesses to innovate and grow and to attract the best global businesses to invest here. Therefore the Government is developing a world-class, modern digital infrastructure and has already made significant progress through investment in broadband and mobile coverage.

The Government aims to maximise the value of spectrum and support business needs and growth in the market, and wants to engage with industry in order to do so.

Spectrum seminar paper

Please read and comment by 14 September 2012. Your comments will be considered as part of our Communications Review.

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One Response to 3. Maximising the value of spectrum to support growth and innovation

  1. Peter Dunn says:

    Worth reading the European Commission communication on promoting the shared use of radio spectrum (published on 3 Sept, summary available from Cullen International). Commission identifies three forms of sharing: collective use of spectrum, licensed shared access, and spectrum pooling.

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