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DCMS Communications Review: Seminar Series

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DCMS Communications Review Seminar Series

The Communications Review

An opportunity to build on our telecommunications, media and technology capabilities, and turn the UK into Europe’s technology hub.

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The Seminar Series

Half-day seminars to help inform policy options for a White Paper, covering a variety of topics with input from a wide range of people.

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Read the seminar papers and leave a public comment or make a private submission to the policy team. You can also access seminar outputs.

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We want to hear your ideas and contributions to the Communications Review, particularly on topics covered in the seminars. Discussion papers, video recordings and presentations are available. Please respond to the first four seminars by 14 September 2012.

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114 Responses to Get involved

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  1. Bob O'Hara says:

    Well done to Terry Cooper for getting a reply from Ed Vaizey who warns us that we may have to use disability legislation to force broadcasters to go further with subs and audio descriptions. That in turn draws a ‘health’ warning from DCMS Admin that the subject may need to be heard in court when we would hope that a legal ruling would support the disabled and ensure that if producers did not comply then they would face heavy penalties.

    I think we will all be grateful to the Minister and his officials for spelling out the facts of life to us, but to a layman, it looks like a long, uphill road to have to travel.

    I wonder if ‘Hearing Loss’ or the Consumer Association – ‘Which’ could comment on the likelihood of us being able to find the funds to launch a successful action.

    Meantime, I invite all subscribers to this forum to write to their MPs asking for their support for deaf and blind viewers.

    • Ron May says:

      Hi Bob

      Who’s Terry Cooper and where was Ed Vaizey comment made ?

      • Ron May says:

        Ahh ok – its afew pages ‘down’ in the comments – This needs a search forum option to find stuff.

      • Carl Wild says:

        Terry Cooper posted on 25th August (See older posts).

        As I posted earlier, I received a copy letter from Ed Vaizey who responded to my local MP on my behalf.

    • Carl Wild says:

      Ooops, sorry Ron. Both posts made simultaneously!

      Better still, there should be a facility to display ALL posts and not just a few at a time.

  2. Robin Zackheim says:

    Did anyone see todays BBC subtitling deliberate mistake when in a Paralympics preview they referred to “a Nerd in Afghanistan” when they meant injured in Afghanistan

    Robin Zackheim

  3. Robin Zackheim says:


    The “genitalia” missubtitling, was one of the examples I sent to Private Eye

    Robin Zackheim

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