South East flood schemes

In South East, flood defence is an important part of our organisation, accounting for nearly half our expenditure and workforce. These are the flood alleviation schemes we are currently working on.

  • Banbury
  • Cobbins Brook
  • Deal
  • Eastern Yar
  • Emsworth to East Head
  • Folkestone to Cliff End
  • Haydon Wick
  • Landport Road, Lewes
  • Leigh Barrier
  • Littlehampton Arun east bank
  • Lower Thames
  • Lower Tidal Arun
  • Luton  
  • Medmerry managed realignment
  • Newbury 
  • Ouse to Seaford
  • Oxford
  • Paddle and Rymer weir scheme
  • Pagham Harbour
  • Pagham to East Head Coastal Defence Strategy
  • River Roding
  • Rye Harbour Farm habitat creation project
  • Salmons Brook
  • Sandwich
  • Shoreham Adur west bank
  • Southampton City Golf Course (Holly Brook)
  • Thames Estuary (including theThames Barrier)
  • Uckfield
  • Upper Mole
  • Weir improvements
  • West Wittering

    Our duties

    1. We must be aware of possible new building developments on land liable to flooding, and alert local planning authorities of the risk. We gather data that helps us define floodplain areas at risk from river or tidal flooding in our region. Our specialists continually carry out studies to give us a better understanding of why floods happen and how their effects can be minimised.

    2. We carry out works to maintain river channels in good condition. These include:

    • removing obstructions
    • cutting back dead or dying trees that might fall and block the channel
    • removing reeds and weeds that could cause blockages
    • dredging watercourses to remove the build up of silt
    • making sure sluices, pumps, weirs and other essential structures work properly

    3. We assess where new flood defence works are needed, and then build them. This could involve strengthening river walls, embankments, realigning water courses, digging flood relief channels and building new weirs and sluices.

    4. We are committed to providing effective flood warnings and maintaining awareness of flood risk. These are perhaps our highest profile tasks.

    We always consider the needs of wildlife and of the environment as a whole. The aim is to enhance the environment as we build better flood defences. We work with our conservation specialists and take every opportunity to create new wildlife habitats as well as preserve existing ones.