From our pilots

Updates from our drug and alcohol payment by results pilot sites

From our pilots – Stockport

In this latest post from one of our pilot sites, Stockport tell us more about their single assessment and referral service and how it is working.  An introduction to the START Stockport Treatment – Access to Recovery Team (START) was … Read more → – From our pilots – Stockport

From our pilots – Enfield

Four months into the pilot and the benefits of the Assessment and Care Review Team (ACRT is the Enfield LASARS) as an independent care co-ordination service for our patients are really starting to show. Patients have fedback that they are … Read more → – From our pilots – Enfield

From our pilots – Wakefield

Thinking outside of the box! “Early on the pervading opinion with most of the Recovery Representatives had been one of scepticism and a certain amount of mistrust and concern. True, for a considerable time it had been felt that some … Read more → – From our pilots – Wakefield

Greater Manchester Commissioner Event

Two of the Northern pilots, Stockport and Wigan, came together to deliver a Greater Manchester Commissioner event following a request from local authorities for further information about the national Recovery Payment by Results pilot and how they might  implement PbR … Read more → – Greater Manchester Commissioner Event

From our pilots – Oxfordshire

The Story So Far…  There were several main drivers to remodel and transform our drug and alcohol treatment system and take part in the Payment by Results Pilot:- To move towards a payment model for service contracts that would enable … Read more → – From our pilots – Oxfordshire

From our pilots – West Kent, A LASARS view

LASAR – Preparation is prudent in the Garden of England With experience in system change and pilot projects we were able to apply prior learning to the development of the LASAR Team. Our experience focused our awareness of the need … Read more → – From our pilots – West Kent, A LASARS view

From our pilots – Bracknell Forest

Payment by Results – Lessons learned Here we are three months from go live date and what lessons have we learned so far? Well the first one is not to underestimate the amount of time needed for the LASARS to … Read more → – From our pilots – Bracknell Forest

From our pilots – Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire has completely remodelled alcohol and drug treatment services by working with existing providers. The two providers will deliver a complete & distinct stand alone end to end service and will therefore mean that there is competition in the market … Read more → – From our pilots – Lincolnshire

From our pilots – Enfield

Enfield has taken a pragmatic approach towards PbR through embracing the national outcome measures and developing these to address local key priorities important to its community. Enfield, as a London Borough, has marked health inequalities with 78% of the adult … Read more → – From our pilots – Enfield

From our pilots – Wakefield

Why we wanted to get involved In Wakefield Commissioners and Providers had worked hard at developing robust treatment and care services.  With a strong track record in partnership working the Substance Misuse Commissioning Group (SMCG) and the local treatment providers … Read more → – From our pilots – Wakefield