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Team Complex Weapons

Team Complex Weapons oversees all air defence capability project teams and surface attack project teams within the Team Complex Weapons initiative, plus a number of maritime radar projects.

The Team Complex Weapons Pillar contains seven Project Teams. These manage all the air defence and surface attack projects being managed under the Team CW initiative within the Weapons Operating Centre.

What we do

Beyond Visual Range Air – Air Missile (BVRAAM) – The BVRAAM Project Team is responsible for the Meteor programme which will be the long range weapon of choice for the Typhoon when it enters service.

Indirect Fire Precision Attack (IFPA) – The IFPA Project Team is responsible for delivering a number of projects to meet the overall requirement. IFPA will provide a mix of munitions to satisfy a requirement for an all-weather, 24 hour capability to attack with precision a number of different targets across a variety of ranges.

Lightweight Missile System (LMS) - The LMS Joint Project Team is responsible for High Velocity Missile and Lightweight Multirole Missile, their support equipment, trainers, and associated platform integration.

Medium Range Air Defence (MRAD) – The MRAD Project Team is responsible for providing Sea Dart and Sea Viper, the air defence weapon systems for the Royal Navy’s Type 42 and Type 45 Destroyers, as well as the Long Range Radar on T45.

Short Range Air Defence (SHORAD) – The SHORAD Project Team is responsible for providing short range air defence weapon systems to the tri-service environment. SHORAD also provide a number of maritime radars from outside of Team Complex Weapons.

Surface Attack Heavy – The Surface Attack Heavy Project Team is responsible for the delivery and in-service management of the RAF Storm Shadow weapon system. Storm Shadow is fully integrated on the Tornado GR4 aircraft and is also planned to be integrated on Typhoon and JCA. The Project Team are also working on the Storm Shadow Capability Enhancement Programme. These new technologies are being developed in line with the Team Complex Weapons modularity approach.

Surface Attack Medium – The Surface Attack Medium Project Team is responsible for delivering two Team Complex Weapons (TCW) pipeline projects. The Project Team is also managing the completion of Dual Mode Seeker Brimstone for Operation Herrick, as well as in-service management of ALARM, Brimstone and Sea Skua.


Page updated 30 June 2011

Team Complex Weapons Events

April 2008 – Air Defence Pillar formed

April 2008 – Surface Attack Pillar formed

June 2008 – Team Complex Weapons Assessment Phase contract let for 6 projects including FLAADS and FASGW(L) within the Air Defence Pillar

August 2008 – Medium Range Radar (MRR) contract let

March 2010 – Team CW Interim Main Gate 1 Partnering Agreement signed with MBDA, including the development and manufacture of the Loitering Munition (LM) for the British Army, development and manufacture of the second element of the Selective Precision Effects at Range (SPEAR) programme for the RAF, in addition to further Assessment Phase work for later SPEAR variants and the Future Local Area Air Defence System (FLAADS) initially for the Royal Navy’s frigates.

April 2010 – Air Defence and Surface Attack Pillars merge under one 1* to become the Team Complex Weapons Pillar

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