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Prime Minister's Questions - 13 June 2012

Wednesday 13 June 2012

The Leveson Enquiry and the relationship between politicians and the press were on the agenda at today's PMQs.

The Prime Minister also took questions on NHS services and patient satisfaction results.

Watch today’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

Question-by-question guide

The Prime Minister answered questions on:

  • third runway at Heathrow
  • Baroness Warsi
  • Jeremy Hunt
  • Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests and Leveson Enquiry
  • relationship between politicians and the press
  • Liberal Democrats abstention from vote
  • Falkland Islands and World Bank loans to Argentina
  • Bomber Command memorial
  • reduced services at hospitals
  • regional Cabinet meetings
  • electrification of Midland Mainline railway
  • coaching of ministers before Leveson sessions
  • appeal against waste burning incinerator
  • NHS reliance on charitable donations
  • High Speed Two
  • planned UNITE transport strikes during the Olympics
  • NHS patient satisfaction results
  • primary school places
  • food banks
  • Spanish bank bail out
  • extradition of Gary McKinnon
  • closure of NHS walk in centres
  • publishing Downing Street phone records
  • HMRC duty on beverages
  • flooding and insurance

Extra information

Prime Minister’s Questions is an opportunity for MPs from all parties to question the Prime Minister on any subject, although they usually focus on the key issues of the day.

The half-hour session, which takes place on Wednesdays while Parliament is in session, starts with a routine question from an MP about the Prime Minister’s engagements.