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Prime Minister's Questions - 4 July 2012

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Banking and the economy were on the agenda at today's PMQs

The Prime Minister also took questions on Europe and foreign aid.

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The Prime Minister answered questions on:

  • the recent tragic deaths of military personnel in Afghanistan and the incident in Scotland
  • increasing food prices
  • banking reform
  • the proposed parliamentary inquiry into the banking scandal
  • science funding and regional investment
  • ongoing problems with RBS banks
  • economic performance in Wales
  • NHS reform
  • flooding – prevention and aid for affected areas
  • a European referendum
  • road safety
  • rate of lending to small businesses
  • bonuses for bankers who resign or are sacked
  • foreign aid to improve schooling abroad
  • aid to Afghanistan
  • Olympics disruption planned by trade unions
  • industry innovation

Extra information

Prime Minister’s Questions is an opportunity for MPs from all parties to question the Prime Minister on any subject, although they usually focus on the key issues of the day.

The half-hour session, which takes place on Wednesdays while Parliament is in session, starts with a routine question from an MP about the Prime Minister’s engagements.