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Actions completed last month

1.4.iii Increase prevention activity on economic crime through improved information sharing on emerging risks to individuals and the public and private sectors
7.2.v Examine how groups who experience persistent or emerging disadvantage that has an intergenerational impact interact with Government and identify the barriers to progression

Actions to be completed this month

1.2.i Enhance the national crime mapping website,, to show what happens after a crime has occurred and support additional ‘trailblazer’ areas to drive transparency even further locally
1.1.ii Provide Police and Crime Commissioners with as much information as possible on crime levels, sentencing and rehabilitation of offenders, with the Ministry of Justice
2.4.i Agree a timetable for introducing draft legislation to simplify and improve anti-social behaviour powers and tools
3.6.i Ensure Ending Gang and Youth Violence Team and network of expert advisers in place and actively supporting 29 local areas to strengthen their partnership response to gangs and youth violence, as set out in the Ending Gang and Youth Violence report
7.1.ii Fund the recruitment of 5,000 business mentors to support women wishing to start up and grow their business
7.1.iii Publish proposals following a review into access to finance for women entrepreneurs and pregnant women, working closely with British Banking Association and others

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