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Actions completed last month

3.3.i Open up access to anonymised data from the National Pupil Database to help parents and pupils to monitor the performance of their schools in depth and enable better comparisons of school performance
4.1.v Launch 1st round of SEN Support Staff scholarship for talented support staff working with children with SEN and disabilities

Actions to be completed this month

1.2.i Publish document outlining lessons learned in establishing and running free schools
1.2.ii Approve and open the second wave of Free Schools
1.2.iii Approve and open the next wave of studio schools and University Technical Colleges
1.3.i Identify best practices in raising the attainment of disadvantaged students, working with the Education Endowment Foundation. Announce Round 1 projects and begin activity in schools
1.3.iii Schools publish first annual on-line statements about how pupil premium has been used
1.3.iv Deliver first summer schools for disadvantaged pupils moving from primary to secondary school
1.4.iii Revise premises regulations to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and provide greater clarity to schools
1.5.i First alternative provision free schools to open and first Pupil Referral Units convert to Academies
2.2.iii Develop proposals as a result of the review of PSHE Education
2.4.i Ensure all new apprenticeships require apprentices who have not reached L2 in English and maths to progress towards it, working with BIS
2.4.ii Implement minimum durations of 12 months for apprenticeships for those under 19
3.1.i Re-examine all regulations to reduce and simplify current stock of regulatory requirements
3.2.i Develop a streamlined Foundation Years inspection and regulation framework
3.2.iii Implement the new school inspection framework to drive improvement in schools more quickly, with a particular focus on the progress of those children eligible for the Pupil Premium for disadvantaged children (paid to schools to help raise the attainment of pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals or who are Looked After)
4.1.iv Enable teacher training to take place in Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) so that teachers are able to acquire Qualified Teacher Status and undertake teaching practice at effective/successful PRUs
4.2.i School Teachers' Review Body makes initial recommendations on pay reform under current remit.
4.2.iii Implement revised arrangements for teacher appraisal and capability procedures
4.3.i Introduce an assessed and supported first year in employment for social workers
5.1.iii Procure an Early Intervention Foundation to promote better use of evidence based programmes and approaches
5.2.iii Implement a new Foundation Stage framework that is less bureaucratic and more focused on improving young children’s learning and development
5.2.iv Introduce new guidance on free early education entitlement, including on flexibility for parents and on quality of provision
6.1.ii Deliver education, health and care plans in all pathfinder areas
6.4.i Establish pilot National Citizen Service (NCS) programmes in 2011 and 2012, working with Cabinet Office, and prepare to take the lead responsibility from 2013 for the national roll out of NCS.
6.4.iv Put in place Youth Contract provision for disengaged 16-17 year olds across the country. This will support over 55,000 young people by March 2015

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